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We offer a full range of transport planning and design services from site feasibility and land promotion, through the various stages of the planning process to post planning negotiations and detailed design. As experienced development professionals we are cognisant of interfaces with other disciplines and the need for joined up solutions.

Site feasibility and promotion


One of the key considerations for land development is transport. We work with developers to provide initial feasibility advice for potential sites as well as provide transport support for the promotion of sites through the Local Plan process. 


Our site feasibility and land promotion services include:  


  • Site feasibility advice

  • Preliminary access design

  • Input to masterplan design

  • Written Representations

  • Attendance at Local Plan Examination in Public (EiP).


Planning applications


The transport documents and assessments required to support a planning application vary depending on the scale of the scheme. We offer a full range of services to support a planning application and will liaise with the highway authority to agree the scope of the assessment. 

Our planning application services include:

  • Transport Strategies

  • Transport Statements / Assessments

  • Highway capacity modelling

  • Site access and off-site highway design

  • Travel Plans

  • Construction Traffic Management Plans / Construction Logistics Plans

  • Delivery and Servicing Plans

  • Car Park Management Plans 

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Public Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement.

Post planning application submission

Once a planning application has been submitted, we liaise with the stakeholders to resolve any outstanding issues and provide input to negotiations on planning obligations within the Section 106 Agreement, if one is required.


Once consent has been granted, we offer a range of services, which includes detail design of off-site highway works, discharge of transport related planning conditions and input to reserved matters applications. We are also experienced in managing the stopping up process and footpath diversions.  


Our post planning submission services include: 


  • Response to highway authority consultation responses 

  • Section 106 negotiations

  • Section 278 detail design to technical approval

  • Discharge of planning conditions and reserved matters

  • Stopping Up Orders

  • Footpath Diversions.


Planning Appeals


Should consent not be granted for a scheme, our directors are experienced in giving evidence at public inquiries and KMC has previously provided expert witness services to the Sizewell C DCO Examination. 

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